Metallic Cloud Storage Service datasheet

Commvault and Metallic provide a simple and secure way to move to the cloud, streamlining hybrid cloud adoption by reducing management overhead and controlling costs while mitigating ransomware


Metallic Cloud Storage Service is a fully operational cloud storage backup target for Commvault® Backup & Recovery, fully integrated with Commvault data management software and leveraging Microsoft technology. With this cloud service, customers can simplify their cloud data management with pre-configured networking and storage, reduce costs via efficient deduplication and no egress fees, and mitigate ransomware with secure air-gapped cloud data protection — and it’s all easily configurable with Commvault Command Center™.


  • Reliable ransomware protection with a secure, air-gapped, offsite data copy
  • Increasing cloud costs with uncontrollable cloud expansion and unorganized cloud deployments
  • Difficulty leveraging cloud as it is difficult to find cloud expertise
  • Complex management with a newly remote workforce
  • Effective protection and recoverability of your organization’s most valuable asset: data


Metallic Cloud Storage Service is a simple way to adopt cloud storage with predictable costs and reduced overhead. As everything is centrally managed from Commvault Command Center, IT maintains control of data and workloads across the entire environment with a single management interface. This fully integrated cloud storage target for Commvault Backup & Recovery or HyperScale™ X, is configured just like any other disk or tape storage target. Metallic Cloud Storage Service is the “easy button” to adopt secure and scalable cloud storage in minutes, delivering against your organization’s hybrid cloud strategy, without the need for additional cloud expertise within the organization.


  • Simple on-boarding, configuration and management of cloud backup storage to facilitate your organization’s cloud data strategy
  • Cost-optimized cloud data storage with streamlined operations and predictable costs, including no egress fees
  • Easy to execute cloud-based backup and recovery to readily ensure data availability
  • Better control of assets, regardless of deployment target, minimizing the cost of data sprawl
  • Reliable data protection via support for the 3-2-1 rule with an agile, modern alternative to tape

Be cloud ready with Commvault

  • Commvault knows cloud with more than 1 exabyte written to the cloud
  • Three clicks to complete configuration of a cloud service
  • More than 30 supported platforms, on-premises, public and private clouds
  • Recover a single file or an entire site at the click of a button

A single view for managing your entire environment

Commvault Command Center is a web-based user interface for managing your data, intelligently. It provides default configuration values and streamlined procedures for routine data protection and recovery tasks. You can use the Commvault Command Center to set up your data protection environment, to identify content that you want to protect, and to initiate and monitor backups and restores. With Commvault Command Center, organizations can centrally manage their entire data estate, whether in the cloud, on-premises, or half-way around the word, management is possible in a single pane of glass.

Simple configuration of cloud storage for backupsAs simple as 1, 2, 3 — apply the licenses through Commvault Command Center, create the cloud library target and apply backup retention policies. No need to understand cloud storage regions, performance types, or storage types — it’s fast, easy and fully integrated.
Cost-optimized cloud data mobilityNo egress, no guesswork, no hidden fees. With Commvault Complete, deduplication also keeps costs low and there is no compute needed in the cloud.
Resilient ransomware
Enhanced security, and improved remote work, cloud storage service leverages Microsoft technology and provides a virtual air-gapped and immutable copy of your data for ransomware protection, reducing risks.
Build-in cloud expertise
closes the skills gap
Skills gap can be an issue when it comes to cloud transformation. Since Metallic Cloud Storage Service is the easy button to cloud storage adoption and management, we help our IT customers become cloud gurus for their org — without the heavy lift or learning curve.
Maintain control of your most
valuable asset — your data
Expand your cloud strategy and enable customers to become the cloud storage guru, all while maintaining control of your data — on-premises and in the cloud.

Be cloud ready

With Commvault, being Cloud Ready means that you’re proactive and smart about managing data in cloud and multi-cloud environments. It says your organization utilizes the cloud for information agility while also ensuring data protection, backup, rapid recovery, search and workload availability. And Commvault’s intelligent data management is cloud ready.

Across today’s most popular clouds – Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, SAP S/4HANA – public, private and hybrid clouds — Commvault Intelligent Data Management has you covered.

As your business needs and cloud deployment plans change, Commvault helps you quickly apply your cloud data management requirements with automation, flexibility and scalability. Commvault’s continuous innovation, like with Metallic Cloud Storage Service, delivers robust service options to expand your cloud strategy to reduce costs and complexity.

Even though public and private clouds are highly secure, your organization is responsible for data protection – and rapid recovery – of workloads you deploy in the cloud. Whether you choose to recover data to the cloud, from the cloud, between clouds or within the cloud – Commvault provides this flexibility. Check out Supported Technologies to learn more. Commvault delivers the only data management platform you need to store, protect, manage and use data across on-premises and cloud locations.

Supported regions

Regardless of which country Metallic Cloud Storage Service is purchased in, customers can select any of the following Metallic Cloud Storage Service regions:

Storage regionData center location
(Europe) North EuropeIreland
(Europe) West EuropeNetherlands
(Asia Pacific) Australia EastNew South Wales
(Asia Pacific) Central IndiaPune
(Asia Pacific) Japan WestOsaka
(Canada) Canada CentralToronto
(Canada) Canada EastQuebec City
(U.S.) Central U.S.Iowa
(U.S.) East U.S. 2Virginia
(U.S.) South Central U.S.Texas
(U.S.) West U.S. 2Washington
(U.S.) West Central U.S.Wyoming
(South Africa) South Africa NorthJohannesburg
(Germany) Germany West Central (Public)Frankfurt
(Europe) U.K. SouthLondon
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