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Modernize Backup and Recovery Datasheet


Commvault modernizes backup and recovery with a comprehensive, cost-effective and integrated platform solution so that you can:

  1. Rapidly recover applications and data from VMs, messaging, database and file, and consolidate and automate processes and tiering to the Storage that best meets your needs.
  2. Handle data growth with global deduplication and rapid snapshot-based protection.
  3. Increase productivity with secure, self-service, role-based access to all your indexed data and integrated reporting that provides insights into your environment.
  4. Reduce complexity with a single solution for backup, disaster recovery, archive, replication, search and eDiscovery.
  5. Cost-effectively support your solution with enterprise-class monitoring, training, consulting and professional services.

Cut Time, Cost and Risk

Commvault software helps you better protect ever-growing data volumes, efficiently manage information assets, and quickly find, recover and access data. With a truly unified and innovative data management solution, you can transform your approach to data protection.

Modern Data Protection from Commvault

To deploy, and reap the benefits of, a modern approach to backup and recovery, you need deep application and hypervisor integration and intelligence paired with the capability to manage storage array snapshots for fast, application-consistent recovery. You need to be able to maximize efficiency with deduplication, automation, fewer processes, tiering and replication to any storage or location. Your solution must be resilient and secure and possess the capability to deliver insights, through integrated reporting, that allow for continual improvement. Lastly, all the data that is protected should be transformed into an asset, instead of a management burden, by securely making it available for self-service access through a single searchable index.

Commvault delivers these capabilities through a single platform and console, across locations and at any scale. You can protect complex, heterogeneous environments, physical and virtual servers, remote offices, and even information on laptops and desktops with one solution. You can maximize efficiency by leveraging whatever storage best meets your needs for cost and access, including disk, tape and the cloud.

Customers worldwide have recognized Commvault’s innovations, choosing our software to help them solve their data protection and management challenges. The industry has noticed, too, as evidenced by Commvault’s selection in the Forrester Wave™.


Figure 1: Modern backup and recovery in a single platform solution with Commvault software

Key Capabilities and Benefits

Component Benefits
Host and Target Side Deduplication Deploy deduplication where it makes the most sense: at the source, on the target, or both. Use your choice of disk storage for maximum flexibility and cost efficiency.
Snapshot Management Automate storage array snapshot protection and application-aware recovery across the broadest selection of hardware arrays in the industry, without the need for custom scripting.
Virtual Server Protection Meet business service level agreements for every VM workload type in a single solution through a tiered data protection strategy, deep VM and application-level integration and global deduplication.
Disaster Recovery Modernize, unify and simplify your disaster recovery with a single solution that spans physical and virtual servers, disk, tape and cloud.
Cloud Integration Leverage data protection in the cloud with confidence. With connections to more than 20 cloud storage platforms, you can use the full suite of Commvault software features to back up and archive data securely, reliably and transparently into and out of private and public clouds.
Archive and Search Reduce the cost and complexity for retention with the integrated archive capabilities of the Commvault software platform. Policy-based, automated archiving based on meaning, content or regulatory compliance moves data to lower cost storage to optimize resources, slash infrastructure costs and meet governance needs.
Global Reporting Optimize your operating environment with valuable insights and advanced reporting capabilities across all Commvault-protected data.

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