Peterson Health turns
to CloudWave and Commvault for Comprehensive
Data Protection

CloudWave and Commvault bring Managed Backup as a Service and Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Services to Healthcare


  • Limited staff lacked bandwidth to manage backup solution through growing workload resource requirements
  • Inconsistent backup quality and limited testing meant lack of confidence in ability to restore
  • Need for Disaster Recovery plan to meet compliance requirements


  • Commvault Backup and Recovery software with built-in, end-to-end encryption, including at rest and inflight
  • CloudWave’s OpSus Backup service for fully managed backup operations plus on-premises appliance for local backups
  • Comprehensive OpSus Recover disaster recovery services with annual testing and CloudWave managed services and support


  • Successful, restorable backups for all critical health record data, with local copies for fast performance
  • Enterprise-scale to support growing environments
  • Full access to self-service portal for reporting, validation and on-demand restores
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreements for backup and DR performance
  • Reduced overhead on team of managing backup solution




Kerrville, TX, USA


In numbers

  • 1,000+ employees
  • 35 acre campus
  • 77 servers

Key assets protected

  • 15 TB HIS Microsoft Windows servers, Microsoft Windows file systems
  • 0.1 TB Microsoft Active Directory
  • 77 VMware virtual machines
  • 9 TB Microsoft SQL Server
  • 20 TB NetApp NAS and Archive

The backup environment

  • Commvault® Backup & Recovery capacity licensing for HIS system
  • File System Agent for Windows
  • Active Directory and SQL
  • Snapshot for vCenter

“CloudWave and Commvault provide the services and solutions for peace of mind, freeing us to work on other systems or situations.”

– Philip Wheeler, Server Administrator Engineer III, Peterson Health

“With Commvault, CloudWave can monitor our critical applications with backups and correct any issues as needed.”

– Philip Wheeler, Server Administrator Engineer III, Peterson Health

Digital growth and hard-to-use legacy backups prompt a change

Peterson Health, a not-for-profit hospital, had a small IT team to oversee onsite data management, backup and recovery. While experiencing growth within the MEDITECH Electronic Health Record (EHR) environment, the team needed to add storage, compute and network capacity; they also struggled to navigate their NetWorker backup to support the growth and vendor support was insufficient. Backup quality was inconsistent, and while test restores worked, they were very limited in scope—the team lacked confidence in their ability to recover. On the verge of requiring a dedicated FTE to manage backups, the hospital looked to their trusted partner, CloudWave, to handle daily backup operations and implement a full disaster recovery strategy with their OpSus Healthcare Cloud.

Optimized backup and recovery processes with cloud-based managed services

Ensured compliance with healthcare regulations for data restorability

Avoided need for additional FTE to manage backups

A fully managed, scalable solution for healthcare backups

Peterson Health had a long-standing relationship with CloudWave and knew the OpSus Backup service, powered by industry-leading Commvault backup applications, would solve their data protection challenges when updating their MEDITECH environment in 2017. Designed to alleviate the burden of performing, validating and troubleshooting backups, OpSus Backup manages the protection of mission-critical healthcare and enterprise applications using Commvault Backup and Recovery software.

With Commvault as the underlying technology, CloudWave provides full administration of backup and restore operations. This collaborative approach has provided dynamic support, security and protection for Peterson Health’s mission-critical EHR and enterprise systems. CloudWave’s services also include stateside service and support and full management visibility and reporting through the MyOpSus portal.

With CloudWave’s OpSus Backup and OpSus Recover services, powered by Commvault, Peterson Health team enjoys peace of mind and security knowing that they can meet their backup and recovery objectives consistently and in compliance with industry regulations. Their protected environment can scale and conform to shifting workload demands while delivering systems that enable caregivers to provide excellent care to their community. Reporting is easy to access, and backup issues have been eliminated. With a single interface that lets them view the whole backup, restore and DR process, the team at Peterson Health can be confident in providing reliable systems, and support for growth without worrying about the maintenance and capital investment required to sustain it.

Cloud disaster recovery

Cloud disaster recovery needs speed, agility and granularity. Diverse cloud workloads have different disaster recovery demands, and you need to be ready for them.