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Historically, protecting data at the edge on desktops and laptops has been outside the scope of IT. Mostly, they haven’t wanted to bear the responsibility of end-user support and recovery or were not resourced to do so. Also, traditional products had performance issues such as long backup windows and performance degradation during backup, which limited endpoint backup adoption. In this vacuum of viable IT supported solutions, many employees – used to protecting their personal systems and forced to figure something out on their own – have turned to portable hard drives and cloud services like Dropbox and others.

But with an increasingly mobile workforce creating more critical information outside IT’s traditional domain, demands for anywhere anytime access to information, the potential cost and risk of compliance and eDiscovery requirements, the fear about sensitive data in unsecured clouds and unknown (to IT) locations, endpoint protection has moved to the forefront in many organizations. They are scrambling to regain control of their data and standardize a policy for protecting and delivering access to it to minimize risk and enhance employee productivity without having to consume a lot of scarce resources. To address these challenges, organizations are turning to the latest generation of endpoint data protection solutions, which provide far better levels of automation and backup performance, even over low bandwidth network links, than earlier generations of endpoint data protection products.

Commvault’s Endpoint Data Protection with Secure File Sharing

Commvault Endpoint Protection with Secure File Sharing is a complete endpoint data management solution that increases end user productivity by providing unparalleled access to protected content for users to search, restore and share without compromise to security. Data resides in a single virtual repository for all backup and cloud share managed data to drive efficiency and enhance the value of protected content, with singular access control, governance and search analytics.

Commvault Endpoint Protection with Secure File Sharing is part of Commvault’s scalable, highly secure data center backup and archiving platform to bring enterprise-class desktop and laptop data protection. Bringing endpoint data and cloud based data sharing into the Commvault platform, enables data center, endpoint and cloud-wide data protection, data management, search and efficient discovery of information from a single console and single repository. Below, are several key benefits of a comprehensive endpoint data protection solution that includes secure file sharing:

  • More data control — A comprehensive endpoint data protection solution brings critical business data residing on laptops and cloud shares back into IT’s control and reduces risk of data leakage, while providing a single, fully integrated data repository where end-users can access files without giving up data ownership.
  • Better data visibility — With a comprehensive endpoint data protection solution, anytime search and collection of user data for eDiscovery and compliance purposes across laptop and cloud share data is guaranteed. Other tools require connectivity to laptops, and collection from cloud-based storage is challenging if it is outside of IT control.
  • Greater storage efficiencies — A comprehensive endpoint data protection solution delivers reduced storage overhead by providing a single virtual storage point for storing and deduplicating laptop data and cloud share data – very often overlapping data.

Commvault® Endpoint Data Protection

Employees with laptops are great for productivity — but when they’re on the move they don’t always have the connectivity to backup files and data to your server. A more reliable, efficient backup and recovery strategy is needed to protect your enterprise laptops and other endpoints: one that runs effortlessly on any device, in any location, with self-service and automation so files can be retrieved and recovered without IT intervention. Commvault’s efficient, streamlined approach to endpoint data protection reduces IT burden, improves end-user productivity and keeps your corporate data protected — no matter where it lives.

Commvault’s data protection software operates transparently with no end-user intervention and the backup process consumes minimal device resources, so there are no slowdowns or interruptions, meaning your users stay fully productive at all times. And with features such as client-side deduplication and automated backup schedules, backups happen only when they need to — with only the data that has changed since the last backup being sent to your server. This keeps network bandwidth requirements low, allowing backups to run even when over low-speed mobile or cellular networks.

With self-service search and restore through a web portal or mobile app, your end-users get anywhere, anytime access to backed-up data, reducing the number of requests sent to your help desk. Commvault’s intuitive visual interface lets users navigate and preview protected files — including multiple versions of the same file — to quickly find exactly what they need. Users can also restore their own files to any device regardless of where it originated, without IT involvement.

For IT, Commvault software automatically detects new endpoints as they’re added to your network to ensure they stay protected and secure. From one centralized console, you can easily check the backup status of a specific laptop, manage access to critical files and more. With Commvault, you get a higher level of control and visibility when it comes to endpoint data protection

For legal and compliance staff, the Commvault solution helps meet their compliance and eDiscovery requirements and accelerate audit and discovery response times with a single collection and single search of all Electronically Stored Information (ESI) across your endpoints and data center servers. Search results can be placed into legal hold to ensure information is preserved.

Commvault Secure File Sharing

File Sync-and-share systems are here to stay with mobile workers and their mobile devices. However, these solutions do not provide effective data protection by themselves. The best way around this is to find an endpoint data protection product that supports secure file sharing, where a single process is protecting these similar data sets in a single virtual repository.

Commvault’s Secure File Sharing solution enables IT to deliver and securely manage internal and external file sharing solution across the enterprise, while providing an easy-to-use content sharing tool for end users. Commvault Secure File Sharing increases end user collaboration and productivity while ensuring sensitive business data remains secure and corporate data guidelines are met.

With Commvault’s Secure File Sharing solution, user productivity is improved by keeping files synchronized and accessible across devices. Users’ store, access and share files from a virtual drive or storage point named Edge Drive, which is an IT managed repository for all user’s data. File and folder access control and permissions can be controlled by end users from a browser or mobile app.

Commvault’s Secure File Sharing solution also helps IT regain control of data to reduce risk of regulatory, governance and security issues. Built-in capabilities such as custom data policy settings, granular access controls and robust encryption ensures business data remains safe, while extending search and legal hold capabilities to support compliance and eDiscovery requests.

Features and capabilities for Commvault® Endpoint Data Protection with File Sharing


Intelligent scheduling

Allows administrators or users to schedule backups based on multiple variables such as
CPU, power source, and network conditions
Enables efficient endpoint backup without disruption to end users
Source-side (Client) data deduplication

Identifies and eliminates redundant data from the client before making a copy to the server Reduces server side storage space, reduces
bandwidth consumption and speeds the
backup process
Network Management

Manages minimum data transfer speeds as well as allowable bandwidth consumption for each backup process Ensures a consistent user experience whether the user is working from a high speed connection or a public access point
Backup policies

Supports Incremental, Full, and Synthetic Full operations along with file and folder policy settings Rich set of backup and content policy settings provide efficient protection and recovery of
just the data you need


Using SSL encryption data can be encrypted in transit. Data can be encrypted in storage
using a number of encryption algorithms like AES, Blowfish, 3DES and Ghost in 128 or
256 bit lengths. Data on the endpoint can be encrypted using our endpoint software.
Commvault’s cryptographic modules are certified to meet FIPS 140-1 and FIPS 140-2
Keeps data secure at the endpoint, in transit,
and at the datacenter
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Provides file-level security for Windows and Mac laptops to prevent unauthorized access
to important data by implementing pass-keys
to lock/unlock files on laptops and also enables secure erase if devices are lost or stolen
Adds a security layer at the file or folder level and minimizes risk of data breach if the laptop is lost or stolen
Geo location laptop tracking

Tracks the location at the time of the last backup of a laptop based on the IP address of
the laptop. Details such as street, city, state and country are provided
Learn the last physical location of the laptop for retrieval
Access control & authentication

Granular role based access control (RBAC) based on Active Directory, Domino Notes Directory, or LDAP. Commvault Two-factor PIN Authentication is available. Single Sign On (SSO) support via Windows credentials, SAML and social media sites with OAuth Simple policy control point for user access
control while simplifying user authentication to
multiple data stores with one set of credentials
Policy & workflow automation

Workflow Engine

The Workflow Engine provides a library with
all of the basic tasks needed to design a
Workflow. If a particular task is not available in the library, you can create your own tasks. You can build Workflows that automatically send emails or action items when something needs to be approved or reviewed
Workflows provide a powerful and
customizable capability that can be leveraged to automate and control many
tasks that free up your Admin resources for
more important activities
End user self-service

End users have the following self-service
features available, and which can be controlled via IT policy:
Search files and folders
• View files and folders
• Restore files and folders
• Configure and run backup policies
• Password protect files and folders
• Remote device wipe
Self-service access lets users directly browse
or search and retrieve files and versions from
backup – avoiding the burden and cost of involving the help-desk
Search and eDiscovery

IndexingFull index support for any file data or metadata that can be converted to text or HTML Leverage the same indexing engine used for Commvault server side backup and archiving
to enable enterprise wide indexing
Federated search

Full-text search enables fast, deep-text-
searching and identification of information
across all users, devices and storage locations
Leverage the same search tool used for Commvault server-side backup and archiving
to enable searching across enterprise wide
data stored on servers and endpoints
Legal hold

Provides legal hold workflow automation for
managing holds on emails, files, devices and
custodians on a per case basis
Leverage the same Legal Hold workflow
automation tool for managing Commvault
server side backup and archived data
OS and device support for data protection

Operating systems supported for
backup operations
Operating systems supported include:
Windows 7, Windows 8 PRO, Windows 8 RT,
Windows 8.1, Windows 10, MAC OS X 10.8,
MAC OS X 10.9, and the most current levels of popular Linux distributions
Mobile access

Mobile access is available on iOS 8.0 and later and Android 4.0 and later via mobile apps. Mobile access to our web console is also available using today’s popular web browsers. We also support Blackberry devices and Windows 8 tablet devices Solution provides flexible mobile access options for your users
Delivery & management

Deployment & service delivery

Deployment options include On-premise,
Hybrid & Cloud through third-party service
providers. A Commvault-branded cloud
offering is coming soon
Provides flexible deployment and service delivery options to support your business needs
ScaleCommvault’s flexible architecture enables the solution to easily scale from 100’s of users to 25,000-plus users and from a single location to hundreds of locations globally Business confidence that the solution will
support user, departmental and companywide
growth as the supported solution expand

Commvault’s endpoint data protection solution allows you to regain control of your user’s endpoint data and standardize a policy for protecting and delivering access to minimize risk and enhance employee productivity. With Commvault’s added secure file sharing feature, you will not have to worry about any third-party applications that could lead to potential data breaches, but can easily be implemented into your organization’s existing Compliance policy. Take back control of your user’s endpoint data today.

Commvault’s Endpoint Data Protection with Enterprise File Sync and Share solution

Data protection is a dynamic challenge with ever-changing needs. It's time to get one step ahead and leave reactive plans in the dust.