Protecting Cisco HyperFlex Environments with Commvault

Cisco HyperFlex enables multicloud IT with an adaptive platform that powers any application anywhere with the simplicity of hyperconverged infrastructure. Built on HX software innovations, HyperFlex delivers a simplified solution with industry-leading performance, independent scaling, support for multiple hypervisors and flexible cluster scaling with availability zones.

Commvault with Hyperflex is able to achieve better backup performance compared to a standard deployment. On disaster recovery front, Commvault provides both direct and backup-based replication. Replication target can be within the same HyperFlex, on cloud, or on a HyperFlex on remote office. Commvault DR solution helps to recover both the state and data inside hypervisors, using a single, user-friendly interface. Scale-out architecture enables you to seamlessly expand the solution as your environment grows. And built-in resiliency means higher availability and fewer outages during upgrade and maintenance cycles.