Services brief: Residency Services


1. Staff Augmentation – Certified experts enable you to seamlessly configure, operate and manage your Commvault® software solution during periods of transition.

2. Continual Optimization – Ensure you achieve an optimal return from your Commvault environment through its lifecycle.

3. Training – Learn faster and retain more with hands-on guidance using your own equipment and use-cases.

Offering summary

Migrating from an existing, legacy data management approach or upgrading to improved feature sets within an existing environment may seem daunting to an IT organization stretched thin by years of tight budgets and shifting priorities. Furthermore, organizational needs often require that resources have a highly refined level of technical skill, while working to a flexible schedule or within strict progress driven milestones. This typically results in management attempting to find all the necessary experience and skills in a single resource or group of resources.

Working closely with your backup, recovery and archive teams, Commvault can help you develop a practical, modern vision for your IT environment.

Commvault offers Residency Services to address the diverse and demanding staffing needs of data and information management customers, worldwide. Residency Services are well suited for focused short-term staff augmentation or can be delivered on a periodic basis as a method of training-up staff and ensuring that the Commvault® environment is optimized.

Offering elements

With the pace of business today, sometimes you just need additional help to get through an unexpected staff transition or a platform upgrade. In cooperation with your IT staff, our experts will focus on activities that speed deployment or ensure that your Commvault software is configured to your unique environment. Commvault’s Resident Support Engineers, or RSEs, can fill your need, cost effectively. Our specialists are certified experts in configuring, operating and managing Commvault software environments. They have years of administration experience so you can be confident they will strengthen your team when it is needed most.

Requirements for data and information management solutions can change rapidly and often, especially in large, global environments. But ensuring that your Commvault software platform is continually optimized to reflect those changes may be more than your IT staff wants to deal with.

In this situation, the RSE will periodically come on-site to analyze the existing environment, provide technical consultation, then monitor and make adjustments for key attributes including: performance, scheduling, data retention and storage optimization.

Individuals often learn faster and retain knowledge longer when trained with examples and hands-on activities that tie new learnings directly to daily work activities. An RSE often improves the staff’s awareness of and ability to use various Commvault software capabilities. This may occur through focused education sessions or by sharing of best practices and by simple, repeated observation.

The Commvault Resident Support Engineer fills an important technical support role while on-site. Here, the RSE will act as a subject matter liaison between the Commvault’s central support team and your IT staff. Because the RSE is on-site, they can more easily triage and escalate events and seamlessly implement resolution activities.

Key service components and benefits

AugmentationDeploy highly skilled Commvault® software experts during periods of staff transition or when you simply need additional, well trained personnel on-site to ensure that your data protection environment is operating as intended.
Solution Optimization Ensure that your data protection environment delivers optimal results throughout its entire lifecycle, not just when it’s new. The Resident Support Engineer periodically comes onsite to review your Commvault environment, provide technical consultation, and make adjusts to optimize important attributes such as: performance, scheduling, data retention, and storage
TrainingEducate staff on the most valuable Commvault software features they should use every day or develop a refined competency with capabilities before being released into widescale production. Residency Services enable you to train up your team using equipment and applications that they are most familiar with so they understand new concepts faster, easier and for a longer period than they typically would with a self-taught approach.
Technical SupportFinding the root cause to support issues is often accelerated by an on-site Commvault expert with the training and experience that only a Commvault Resident Support Engineer brings to bear. This same RSE can then rapidly implement any updates and ensure support issues are resolved satisfactorily.
Advanced Feature Integration Key service level attributes of the design engagement are implemented through
the Commvault® software platform by Commvault’s experienced engineers. These implementation steps ensure that business requirements for the disaster recovery plan are properly incorporated into the Commvault configuration and result in a reliable, cost-effective tiered recovery environment.
Peace of MindRest easy knowing that skilled Commvault software experts are on-site, working together with your data protection professionals to ensure your company receives the value that you expect from your data and information platform.
Services and Training

Commvault helps customers design, implement and maintain data management solutions that deliver immediate value and sustainable results.