Solution overview: ScaleProtect™ Data Protection Architecture with Cisco UCS® & Commvault Data Platform

Unprecedented scale, agility and cloud economics remove data silos and provide visibility to enhance business value. Is your data working for you?

Today 70 percent of an organization’s data lives in secondary storage1 — providing little business value. For the last decade, data protection solutions have used purpose-built appliances and expensive storage options. Infrastructure for data protection created a dilemma: either continue to be locked into expensive, hard-to-scale, purpose-built appliances or continue to over-purchase on traditional storage to house the expanding volume of secondary data. Enterprises met the challenge by purchasing both, resulting in more costly infrastructure and increased complexity. Data silos created a lack of visibility into the data.

Scalability without constraint. Protection without compromise. Access without limits. Solve your data protection challenges with a solution that combines Cisco’s proven UCS infrastructure and Commvault® HyperScale™ Software.

Today digital transformation initiatives are leading many organizations to look for ways to gain more value from their data while controlling costs. Cloud providers and web companies use an innovative approach for developing and operating data center infrastructure. New web-scale strategies offer the simplicity, scale, performance and resiliency that enterprises need, with significantly lower TCO.

How can the ScaleProtect with Cisco UCS offering be applied to data protection to provide unprecedented benefits?

Introducing ScaleProtect with Cisco UCS

ScaleProtect with Cisco UCS delivers web-scale data services for data protection using industry standard x86 servers while providing best-in-class data management.

By combining Cisco’s UCS servers with industry-leading Commvault HyperScale Software, customers gain unprecedented scale-out flexibility and agility with uncompromised data management — all with cloud-like economics and true hybrid cloud capabilities. Cisco UCS revolutionized the server market through its programmable fabric and automated management that simplify application and service deployment.

Commvault Hyperscale Software provides a full suite of data services for protecting, indexing, securing, automating, reporting and natively accessing data. In addition, Commvault Hyperscale Software provides insight into the data, thereby creating the value the business demands.

  • Today up to 70 percent of data resides in secondary storage1, stored in multiple data silos.
  • Purpose-built appliances in use today are costly when scaling and usually require “forklift” migration during technology refreshes—also forcing vendor lock-in.
  • Data silos and existing point solutions make it virtually impossible to manage data in a holistic and comprehensive manner, limiting the value of the data.
  • The trend is unsustainable with high risk—creating data portability and visibility is essential.


Transform your data center and drive cost savings with a predictable and highly scalable data protection architecture not available anywhere else. Streamline every phase of your data infrastructure and its data protection lifecycle, from infrastructure purchase and deployment, to recovery, search and access.

ScaleProtect with Cisco UCS technology enables organizations to:

SCALE: Reduce data footprint by breaking down data silos

  • Scale incrementally, as needed, increasing your agility
  • Align the value of the data to the cost of the storage
  • Drive greater resource utilization through shared compute and storage pools versus legacy dedicated or siloed resources
  • Eliminate point products and purpose-built appliances

MANAGE: Remove complexity and gain value from your data

  • Reduce costs of secondary data storage with industry standard, x86 servers
  • Scale servers and performance, without compromising protection and data access
  • Improve recovery point and recovery time objectives and service levels
  • Securely unlock core data assets for secondary uses to increase user productivity

OPTIMIZE: Gain the complete flexibility you need

  • Single, unified solution for all secondary data needs from on-premises to virtual and cloud
  • Increase visibility into your data to unlock business value—regardless of where the data lives
  • Improve end-user satisfaction with self-service capabilities across sites and infrastructures
  • Better utilize IT staff with data policy and automation tools, eliminating error-prone scripting