Solution brief: Backup to AWS

Backup and archive to the cloud

Commvault provides a simpler approach to cloud backup and recovery and cloud archiving

We treat the public cloud exactly like any other backup target, applying the same data recovery and retention policies as we do for local disks and other devices. All the underlying technologies that power our AWS backup and recovery – security, encryption, deduplication and more – are extended to the cloud so you don’t have to worry about complex scripting, extra software or third-party API connectivity. It’s all integrated in a single end-to-end solution with pre-built workflows and simplified image creation to reduce both backup costs and risk.

Efficient retention in the cloud

It can be enough of a struggle to keep up with the massive volumes of unstructured data created every day across your enterprise. Yet “keep it all” is not a viable strategy because of the storage and management requirements. The idea of basing retention decisions on what that data actually contains might seem like pure fantasy.

Commvault makes it easy to move data to the cloud. We also deliver simple, seamless content-based data retention capabilities that let you inventory, classify, index, search and store corporate information based on the contents of any file, email or app.

Commvault provides the market’s only single-platform solution for managing all your enterprise data, anywhere, in any format – and gives you the power to define and fully automate retention, disposition, search and more based on any content.

Protecting data at the primary on-premises location by writing directly to an external cloud provider’s storage solution, or retaining a local copy and replicating the backup/archive data (either in full or only selective portions of that data) into an external cloud provider’s storage service.

Scenario / suitability

  • Offsite Storage / “Tape Replacement” Scenario – no DR to the cloud requirement, but can be extended if required
  • Native, Direct Connectivity to 35+ Object Storage Endpoints – no translation/gateway/hardware dedupe devices required.
  • S3 or S3-IA Cloud/Object Storage target


  • Minimum 1x Media Agent on-premises. No VM in cloud required for B&R to the cloud.
  • 1x DDB for the cloud library, hosted on on-premises Media Agent. If a local copy is desirable, an additional DDB will be required.
  • Can use direct internet connection, or dedicated network to cloud provider for best performance (AWS Direct Connect).
  1. Deduplicated backup to Commvault Media Agent (standard deduplication building block design). Short term recovery points are retained on-premises to deliver fast, local-based restores.
  2. Deduplicated assisted copy to S3 bucket (DASH copy). It can be done over direct internet, IPsec VPN tunnel, Snowball and/or Direct Connect. Recovery points in S3 become an independent, discrete 2ND copy of the data. Synchronous or selective replication options are available. No gateway required.
  3. Lifecycle policy to migrate data into Glacier for deep archive storage.