File system protection

Commvault understands the varying needs of the workloads that you need to protect. Because of that, we continue to develop and support a broad number of operating systems that are covered under our file system data protection.

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File System Protection
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You’ve got data, we’ve got protection

File system protection is still an important consideration for most organizations.  Although many workloads have been virtualized, some simply cannot be. Or in other cases, even though the physical machine is virtualized, is it still more efficient to protect it with an agent within the guest operating system. 

Commvault has various options to protect your file system data, from traditional operating system backup and recovery to bare metal recovery using our 1-touch capability.  With IntelliSnap we also leverage hardware array snapshots to reduce your backup and restore windows to just minutes. Commvault’s industry-leading snapshot management framework (create, maintain, delete) lets you easily move your data from snapshot to disk, tape, or the cloud.

What we support

At Commvault, we provide the broadest support for operating and file systems, so you don’t have to worry whether your data can be protected.  Below is a list of operating systems we currently support:

  • Mac OS X
  • Microsoft Windows – XP – Server 2019
  • Open Enterprise Server (OES)
  • AIX
  • FreeBSD
  • HP-UX
  • Linux/Z-Linux
  • Solaris

Oh, we can archive, too

Along with protection capabilities, we also have native archiving built right into the file system agent so that you can retire unused and unwanted data. How’s that for efficient?

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