Snapshot Management

Managing hardware snapshots in a diverse IT environment can be a challenge, requiring different toolsets — and sometimes skillsets — for every vendor’s technology. Commvault cuts through that complexity by providing a single, integrated solution for managing all your hardware snapshots.

Our integrated approach makes it easy to convert time-consuming manual tasks into automated, repeatable and consistent operations for managing snapshots from multiple vendors’ systems. That means no more need to write and maintain individual scripts for every distinct technology. Application integration provides rapid, automated recovery of critical workloads, while our single, indexed, end-to-end view of all your snapshots delivers valuable performance insights to help optimize your IT environment.

Built For Your Multi-Vendor

Built for your multi-vendor environment

With Commvault, you can manage hardware snapshots across the industry’s widest selection of vendors including DataCore, Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Hitachi Data Systems, Huawei, IBM, INFINIDAT, NEC, NetApp, Nimble Storage, Nutanix, Oracle ZFS and Pure Storage. We're even the only backup vendor that directly supports Nutanix snapshots. Our underlying IntelliSnap™ technology provides the multi-vendor flexibility you need for today and tomorrow.

Instant results, not hours of searching

Hardware snapshots are great for protecting data quickly, but they are notoriously difficult when you need to find and recover data at a granular level. Commvault lets you index your snapshots and incorporate the results into your overall Commvault catalog — making it easy to find and recover individual files without first having to recover the entire snapshot they reside in. Trade hours of manual searching and copying for automated ease and instantaneous results.


Fast, reliable recovery

Integrated with applications, file systems and hypervisors, Commvault enables fast, smart recovery of critical data and workloads. By leveraging the speed of hardware snapshots, Commvault helps you meet more stringent SLAs and more rigorous application-specific recovery point and recovery time objectives.

Fully integrated with backup

Commvault backup and recovery with integrated IntelliSnap technology extends the benefits of hardware snapshots to your overall backup and recovery approach. No matter what media you use to store your data, indexed snapshots let you search for exactly the individual files you need — and enable you to recover them quickly. And because snapshots are mounted to a proxy server for backup, your host servers can carry on operating unimpeded.

Plan snapshot capacity proactively

Do you know how much storage your snapshots are consuming? Commvault software provides accurate insights into storage utilization so you can predict growth and plan your capacity effectively, avoiding the risk of application crashes and corrupted files from running out of storage space.

Superior snapshot performance

Commvault snapshot management gives you the freedom to decide which storage arrays you want to use — including a multi-vendor storage mix and even all-flash arrays for super-fast throughput. Whatever your environment, our single solution lets you manage all of your snapshots through a single, common, script-free interface. And robust monitoring and alerting capabilities let you track overall success ratios for superior snapshot performance.

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