VM Backup and Recovery Is Just the Beginning.

Point solutions supposedly purpose-built for virtual platforms lack the necessary scalability, integration and enterprise capabilities to meet business demands. They also increase complexity, costs and management overhead, to the detriment of VM and application performance.

Commvault conquers those shortcomings — and much more. In addition to optimized VM backup and recovery, it offers a complete cloud management solution. Achieve a more agile and cost-effective infrastructure through VM provisioning, management and recovery tools, and turn your virtual infrastructure into a private cloud.

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  • Fast and easy install
  • Straightforward management
  • Instant VM recovery
  • Enterprise scale
  • Competitive pricing

Advanced features

  • Array-based snapshots across a wide range of VM platforms to meet demanding recovery requirements
  • Automated VM archiving to reclaim wasted VM resources
  • Cloud management across multiple VM and cloud platforms that helps you get more from your infrastructure

Flexible VM recovery with live recovery options


Live File Restore

Perform granular file and folder level recovery without collecting metadata during the backup process.


Live Mount

Power up a virtual machine directly from the backup to a disk location without needing to restore it.


Live VM Restore

Make VMs immediately available from the backup to disk location while a background process copies the virtual machine disk back to the production environment.

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The hidden cost of point solutions

Do you know how much you’re really spending?

  • More appliances
    Point solutions generally recommend external deduplication devices, dramatically increasing costs for VM backups at scale.
  • Costly servers
    Point solutions require expensive, high-performance servers — just to run VM backups.
  • Multiple installations
    Customers with growth must install multiple, separate instances to back up different parts of the environment.
  • Wasted time
    Point solutions lack a scalable backup catalog, resulting in poor search capabilities, which means lots of time spent searching through VMs and backup sets to find the right data and the right VM.
  • Extra licenses
    You may find that you have to buy extra third-party licenses to enable search and other functionality.

Apply the right VM backup technology at the right time.

  • Flexible options to cover your elastic needs.
  • Not all virtual machines are created equal — so why treat them all the same? While other “VM Backup” products require you to add on additional hardware and third-party software licenses to meet your changing and dynamic VM backup and recovery needs, Commvault takes a friendlier and more cost-effective approach. By treating every VM as unique and special, we make sure you meet the recovery and retention requirements for each separate VM workload, all in a single solution with a single application, and without hidden costs.

Reclaim wasted VM resources — automatically.

  • Gain efficiencies with automated VM Archiving.
  • Commvault VM backup, recovery and cloud management will make your virtual infrastructure more efficient. By automatically identifying idle or stale VMs, it will help you reclaim wasted CPU, memory, networking and storage resources with policy-based VM archiving.
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Go beyond backup with VM lifecycle management.

  • Manage VMs across their lifecycle with a single software solution (yes, really!).
  • “Since VMs are nicely encapsulated, and highly mobile, you should rethink how you protect them. How you monitor them. And how you optimize them. To take advantage of the unique features of virtual machines.” – Dave Bartoletti, Forrester
  • Every VM goes through a lifecycle across deployment, management, optimization, protection and retirement. Get one solution to manage every phase with VM Backup, Recovery and Cloud Management. It helps streamline management of your VM platform with a policy-based approach to ensure no VM goes unprotected, while optimizing VM resource utilization.

Build and maintain your private, public or hybrid cloud.

  • Optimize your infrastructure.
  • Implementing a private cloud is complex. There are your VM platforms, plus other teams leveraging public cloud platforms from the likes of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure), among others. Commvault VM backup, recovery and cloud management helps you manage this transition seamlessly with a common interface. It bridges multiple hypervisors with cloud platforms and self-service provisioning and management of VMs and cloud instances.
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Simplify disaster recovery.

  • Make DR more affordable and easier to manage.
  • VM platforms make disaster recovery appear simpler, but the end goal remains elusive, and rising costs and complexity seem unavoidable. Commvault VM backup, recovery and cloud management helps you streamline disaster recovery and DR test procedures without breaking your budget. With a single software solution, you can bring disaster recovery capabilities to workloads with an unprecedented level of protection.

Fully loaded cross-platform support

Provision and manage entire VM lifecycle across VM and cloud platforms.

Accelerate your Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V adoption while dramatically improving resource utilization and operational efficiency.

Rapidly deploy and scale VMware virtual server technologies to accelerate virtualization adoption and time-to-value.

Find out how you can securely and effectively manage your data environment.