Information is the lifeblood of the enterprise, captured, shared and quantified in dozens of different file types. Protecting and gaining control of all that unstructured data is essential — and a challenge.

With incremental forever backups and smart deduplication to ensure endless scalability while keeping your archives lean, Commvault brings your unstructured data into view. We make it fast and easy to find, recover and restore lost or damaged files at any level of granularity, from single files to whole file systems.

Rapid, granular recovery for snapshots

Storage array snapshots were built for performance, often come at the cost of custom scripting longer recovery times. Commvault’s integrated snapshot management indexes your snapshots to make them searchable, making file recovery a surgical process, eliminating time wasted recovering files you simply didn’t need in the first place.

Easy to find, easy to recover

Self-service access to protected data via a mobile app or web portal lets the users you support quickly and easily restore lost or corrupted files on their own — while you focus on the bigger, more-strategic tasks. 

Better control of business-critical data

Whether you’re protecting file servers, your users’ local documents, or providing a backup for popular file sharing services like Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive, Commvault protected files are hosted in a centralized virtual content repository, where access policies and permissions can be set and customized for individual users. Encryption at source, in transit and at rest will give you the confidence that you’re not just protecting business critical data from accidental deletion, you’re doing it securely and efficiently.

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