With source-side deduplication, efficiency is the name of the game — making your backups faster while sending less data over the network and using less storage space.

We integrate deduplication functionality directly into our software for a backup and recovery approach that is flexible, scalable and cost effective. Whether you are protecting data in private or public clouds, remote office servers, laptops or critical applications in the data center, we can help you boost your backup speeds while decreasing your storage and network resource consumption.

Flexibility, efficiency and greater functionality

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Commvault integrated deduplication offers several distinct advantages over dedicated deduplication appliances:

  • Deploy deduplication where it makes the most sense: at the source, on the target or both. Operational flexibility is the key to maximizing value.
  • Extend deduplication benefits to disaster recovery by moving deduplicated copies of data to off-site storage or into the cloud.
  • Optimize the use of your storage media by eliminating duplicate blocks of data, ultimately reducing the amount of storage required to back up your data.
  • Reduce network backup traffic by as much as 90 percent by sending only unique data during backup operations, helping you eliminate or defer costly bandwidth upgrades.
  • Keep your information secure with encryption for at-rest and in-motion data.
  • Take a “grid-based” approach, using multiple deduplication nodes for superior scalability, resiliency and performance.

Where to use source-side deduplication

Our source-side deduplication software can be used for:


Remote office protection: Consolidate remote office backups to a single destination (including the cloud) to limit site-to-site bandwidth requirements.


Data center backup efficiency: Reduce backup time and network impact with source-side deduplication and application-aware protection across physical and virtual servers.


Metered cloud: When you’re paying for every byte transferred and stored, you want to make sure redundant data is deduplicated at the source, avoiding otherwise unnecessary utilization charges.

Your choice of deduplication approach

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Unlike other deduplication solutions, ours is software-based — meaning it can be used with any storage hardware you choose, keeping your free from being locked into specific hardware and refresh cycles. Or you can choose to deploy our pre-packaged backup appliance with source-side deduplication built right in.

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