Instant VM Recovery

Say “yes” to requests more often with a faster, simpler way to find and restore virtual machines and their files.

Finding and recovering virtual machines or specific files on a VM from your backups and archives can be a painful, time-consuming manual process that involves restoring, unpacking and copying the entire VM. Not with Commvault. Our software lets you directly access protected and archived VMs from where they reside — giving you granular search and recovery capabilities so you can quickly find and restore exactly what you’re looking for.

More VM recovery options

No matter which virtualization platforms you’re using, Commvault gives you more choices and more flexibility to recover virtual machine contents according to your specific business needs.


Instant file restore

Browse archived VMs and perform granular file- and folder-level recoveries to restore specific files quickly and easily.

Instant VM mount

Power up and start using an archived VM without needing to restore it first — speeding up the restart of critical business processes faster. By eliminating the time and effort involved in clearing disk space and copying the whole VM, you can address user requests faster and with more agility.


Instant VM restore

With live VM restore, your VMs are immediately available and usable from their archived location — while a background process is copying their data back to your production environment for full restoration.

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