Content-Based Data Retention

Commvault’s simple, seamless content-based data retention capabilities let you inventory, classify, index, search and store corporate information based on the contents of any file, email or app.

It can be enough of a struggle to keep up with the massive volumes of unstructured data created every day across your enterprise. The idea of basing retention decisions on what that data actually contains might seem like pure fantasy. Yet “keep it all” is not a viable strategy because of high storage costs. Commvault provides the market’s only single-platform solution for managing all your enterprise data, anywhere, in any format — and gives you the power to make content-based decisions about what data to keep and what to delete.

Archive according to business value


Your company and professional reputation face challenges when crucial data is left undiscovered by point solutions during audits, investigations and litigation. Our archiving software gives you confidence to retain the right data and understand where it’s located quickly - and cost effectively - through common data access, defensible deletion and automation and orchestration.

Turn the lights on your ‘dark data’

As the cloud transforms IT strategies, it creates real challenges to operationalizing activities, such as retrieval, disaster recovery, and test and development. With thousands of customers and hundreds of petabytes of data under management in the cloud, Commvault has the deep experience to help you.

Commvault shines a light on your dark data so you can do more with it — and get more value out of it. That includes everything from machine-generated monitoring data to user-created content like files and emails. In fact, email has become such a major data management challenge for enterprises, including valuable content trapped in emails. Gartner recently introduced a whole new Magic Quadrant related to email analytics — a sure sign that this is an area of growing need and importance for enterprises. Commvault gives you the ability to see into all your dark data, know what’s there, and make informed, strategic and fine-grained decisions about what to keep, where, and for how long. But before you can analyze your email, you need to know where it is and what’s in it.


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Here are selections from our resource library, which includes a wide range of videos, customer case studies, datasheets, whitepapers and more to further explain how Commvault can help you make your data work for you.

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