Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

It’s relatively easy to replace a lost or stolen laptop. But the data that’s on it? With the average cost of a missing laptop exceeding $49,000 — mostly due to exposure of sensitive data — you need a simpler way to protect the corporate information stored on your mobile assets.

What would happen if the corporate data and intellectual property stored on your users’ laptops were to fall into the wrong hands? Commvault software includes a number of built-in endpoint data protection and security features to help you prevent unauthorized access and, if necessary, quickly restore files or applications to a new device. Our comprehensive approach to data loss prevention makes it easy to minimize the compliance and litigation risks that come with losing your critical business data.

Global and file-level encryption policies


Our software is FIPS 140-2 certified, encrypting data both at rest and in transit to comply with the most stringent industry and government regulations for data protection. Admins can define global policies to identify specific document types to be encrypted. If a laptop is flagged as lost or is unable to contact the server after a set period of time, all files of the designated type are locked behind a passcode. End-users can also voluntarily apply the same type of encryption to individual files they are working on to ensure unauthorized users cannot access sensitive information.

Remote file and system wipe

Commvault software includes remote wipe capabilities, allowing you to securely erase specific files or folders or even the entire hard drive of a lost or stolen laptop. Policies and schedules can also be set to automate the remote wipe process when certain conditions are met, automatically wiping a laptop marked as stolen, for example, the next time it establishes a connection to your corporate server. At wipe, the specified content is erased and its blocks are zeroed out.


Geo-location tracking

Our software’s built-in geo-location capabilities let you track the location of a laptop at the time of its last connection to your server. An easy-to-use map interface provides a graphical representation of device location and status, helping you hone in on where a missing laptop last was — and where it might be.

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