Secure File Sharing

Mobile workers need to share files quickly and easily. You need them to do it in a way that’s secure, compliant and protected — and without resorting to risky, consumer-focused file-sharing services.

To stay productive, today’s workers need on-demand access to important files and folders from any location and any device. With Commvault’s enterprise file-sharing capabilities, your teams get anywhere, anytime access to their data through a private cloud that is more secure than email or consumer file-sharing services. This means your end-users can collaborate more easily and still remain compliant with your data-governance requirements — while reducing the risk of exposing sensitive corporate data to unauthorized access.

Get more visibility into your corporate data


More than two-thirds of employees store work-related data in personal, consumer-grade file-sharing solutions1. For IT admins, this significantly decreases their visibility into how corporate data is being used. With Commvault, all shared content is uploaded and stored in a secure virtual repository located in a private cloud that is managed by your own IT team. This virtual repository provides end-users with unparalleled search, sync and share capabilities from any device. With built-in security and monitoring features such as audit logs, admins can easily track when and by whom a file has been accessed or shared, offering greater insights and visibility into corporate data.

1Source: Intermedia, August 2014

Prevent unauthorized access with custom policies

The single virtual content repository also simplifies the way IT admins manage access control and data-governance policies and permissions. Ensure sensitive business data remains safe by defining customized policies that limit who can access and share specific files and folders — and apply those policies to individual users or entire groups. Content owners can also manage access on the fly by adding or removing users assigned to a shared file or folder. By limiting your exposure to unauthorized access, Commvault can help you maintain enterprise security while meeting your regulatory and data-governance requirements.


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