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From strict email archiving requirements and cloud-first mandates to the never-ending pressure to keep costs under control, federal agencies have a lot to juggle on the IT front. By providing a single, unified solution for backup and recovery, business continuity, data management and more, Commvault gives government the freedom — and confidence — to embrace IT evolution while fully satisfying requirements for email archiving, records retention and eDiscovery.

Always protected, always available

Commvault’s unified approach to data management enables IT consolidation to help federal government agencies maintain efficient, secure and flexible IT operations under tight budgets — even as data storage demands continue to grow. Our software keeps your data and critical applications and database environments protected and always available, fulfilling your requirements for business continuity.

How we can help federal agencies


  • Increase efficiency and control costs by integrating applications and consolidating resources, including data centers
  • Comply with privacy laws and security requirements, ensuring your sensitive data is safeguarded by customizable role-based security policies and stringent encryption standards including FIPS 140-2
  • Be more responsive with advanced content indexing, search and e-discovery capabilities to respond faster, with fewer resources, to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and other legislation requests
  • Handle massive data growth with efficient backup and archiving
  • Unify and simplify snapshot management with a single console for all the leading hardware storage vendors and the broadest capabilities on the market
  • Accelerate your cloud strategy with native integration across a broad range of cloud storage services and virtualization platforms

Cloud data protection for government workloads

Maximize your use of clouds with data protection across files, applications, databases and hypervisors. The Commvault platform supports FIPS 140-2 to meet stringent security requirements in moving and storing sensitive data to the cloud. Securely move, manage and use data across public clouds. The Commvault platform offers native integration AWS GovCloud (U.S.), AWS Secret Region (East), and AWS Top Secret Region (East), as well as Microsoft Azure government regions and support for private clouds.

A fully-integrated data management approach

Commvault’s single, integrated solution for indexing, archiving and searching data helps ensure maximum transparency in government record-keeping. Automation simplifies and brings consistency to functions like backup, recovery, replication and reporting while intelligent deduplication eliminates redundancies to minimize storage requirements. Whether your systems are on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid, Commvault keeps your critical applications and database environments protected, recoverable and accessible.


Govern information wisely

Commvault simplifies information governance by letting you set policy-driven rules based on your specific requirements and compliance needs, using deep retention processes and robust discovery capabilities without impeding productivity or performance.

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