Comprehensive data management and protection for your Cisco converged infrastructure.

Today’s businesses need technologies that not only simplify the management of massive data volumes but also transform that data into a strategic asset. Together with Cisco, Commvault provides holistic data management solutions that do both. With the intelligence to protect mission-critical applications and databases, the scalability and automation to optimize virtual machines throughout their lifecycle, and a Cisco-validated design to improve the efficiency of cloud-based backup-as-a-service (BaaS), Commvault helps businesses that run on Cisco achieve their data management and protection goals with ease.

Why choose Commvault for your Cisco infrastructure?

Commvault and Cisco give you the performance, flexibility and reliability to:

  • Simplify backup, archive and recovery: Protect applications and data across both physical and virtual environments — and then manage where all that data is kept — through a single index and interface.
  • Accelerate cloud implementation: Quickly deploy cloud-based data protection with a Cisco-validated design for BaaS.
  • Manage explosive data growth: Maximize the utilization of your storage and network infrastructure by eliminating redundant data with embedded global source-side deduplication.
  • Protect mission-critical applications and databases: Safeguard SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange and more with our built-in application and database intelligence — shrinking backup windows, improving performance, and reducing costs and complexity.
  • Harness virtualization: Our advanced virtual machine provisioning, backup, archiving, recovery and lifecycle management tools deliver scalable and efficient protection across multiple hypervisors and cloud platforms.
  • Ensure practical and efficient disaster recovery: Workflow automation tools and processes help accelerate time-to-recovery and reduce risk to your business.

An all-in-one solution for Cisco UCS

Ensure your data is available and accessible no matter how diverse your infrastructure becomes. We provide comprehensive data management for any converged environment that handles workloads and data through the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). Our all-in-one solution eliminates the need for multiple single-purpose appliances. It combines backup, recovery, snapshots, archiving, eDiscovery and more — greatly reducing management, storage and infrastructure costs.

Cisco UCS delivers compute capabilities for several market-leading solutions. Through our long-standing partnerships and deep integration with many of these solutions, we can help you get the most out of your converged environment. Only Commvault lets you manage application-aware hardware snapshots — with no scripting required — across the broadest range of storage array providers, including the arrays in NetApp FlexPod, FlashStack with Pure Storage, SmartStack Solution with Nimble Storage, VCE Vblock and EMC VSPEX. Our all-in-one solution also extends to the private, hybrid and public cloud through integration with all leading hypervisors and more than 20 of the top public cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Meeting the challenges of hyperconverged infrastructure

Protecting hyperconverged infrastructures like Cisco HyperFlex has typically required multiple solutions, manual scripting, an in-depth understanding of the hypervisor layer, and the ability to scale as simply and quickly as the infrastructure itself. Commvault makes it easy to protect and recover data, workloads and applications running across virtualized and cloud infrastructures on Cisco HyperFlex. Our solution delivers automation, flexibility, scalability and advanced VMware integration to help you get the most from this powerful platform.

Reference architectures for deployments of all sizes

With small, medium, large and extra-large reference architectures to choose from, we help take the guesswork out of purchasing, verifying compatibility and implementing an optimized Commvault solution for your Cisco USC environment. In other words, you can deploy faster — and with less risk.

Our tested and pre-validated reference architectures with Cisco UCS covers IT infrastructures of all sizes, with the ability to expand to store more than 200TB of backups in a 4U form factor. Scale easily by adding more drives to your existing storage servers. And when one server is full, simply add another — allowing you to scale up to 1PB of data, all managed by a single console.

Accelerate apps, lower costs, protect data

This Commvault/Cisco/Pure Storage FlashStack Solution Delivers:

  • Reduced backup infrastructure cost and complexity
  • Accelerated data protection for FlashStack time-to-value with a tested and proven Cisco Cisco-validated design (CVD) blueprint
  • Deep Commvault data protection application and virtual machine integration
  • Reduced impact of data protection on both VMs and the physical hypervisor
  • Lowered secondary storage costs, leveraging Cisco's award winning UCS Manager and software and exceptionally storage-rich designs of the Cisco UCS S-Series and C-Series servers

Learn More

Here are selections from our resource library, which includes a wide range of videos, customer case studies, datasheets, whitepapers and more to further explain how Commvault can help you make your data work for you.

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