PostgreSQL Database Management

Enterprise-strength backup and recovery for your PostgreSQL environment.

No more backup. That’s what Commvault means for PostgreSQL databases. Our CBT (Change Block Tracking) capability is the next generation of incremental backup. Faster than snapshots, CBT only backs ups blocks that change rather than all your data, reducing server and network traffic and eliminating the need for traditional backups.

Data protection in near real-time


Commvault CBT for PostgreSQL produces continuous, granular copies at the block level so you no longer have to resort to full or slow streaming backups. With continuous, granular copies at the block level, you don’t even need to schedule backups.

Upgrade with ease

Commvault accelerates the upgrade process while minimizing risk. With our comprehensive data management and protection platform, you can upgrade a Linux OS by taking a full file systems backup and dump backup, then testing the new OS — and even the version of PostgreSQL — simply by importing the backup of the previous version.


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