Oracle Data Management

A complete data management and protection solution for your business-critical Oracle applications.

Managing the critical financial, HR and supply chain data used by ERP, CRM or HCM software can be a challenge for any organization. Whether you’re using Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Oracle Fusion Applications or JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Commvault makes it easier to control costs, reduce risk and improve performance across your Oracle application environment — and keep pace with your evolving business needs.

As a Platinum Partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork, we are uniquely qualified to deliver a modern data protection and management solution for your Oracle application stack, providing a single solution to simplify and optimize your data across its entire lifecycle.

Eliminate data silos to simplify compliance and reduce costs

It doesn’t matter if your Oracle data is on-premises or in the cloud, being used in production or archived for long-term retention ‐ you can see and manage it all from our single solution. By eliminating traditional data silos, compliance managers can detect fraud and errors across multiple storage locations and data sources. And with the ability to manage data from the moment of inception, you can reduce retention costs up to 70 percent while retaining full visibility and security to reduce the likelihood of a data breach or compliance failure.

Our high level of workload portability also simplifies infrastructure consolidation. If your organization is going through a merger, acquisition or divestment, we make it easy to decommission legacy or redundant servers and applications, and to move copy and archive data to less expensive storage tiers. This helps you keep hardware and software costs down while optimizing your auditing and process controls.

Increase visibility and drive corporate performance

You continually refine your business model in response to disruptive threats and competitive opportunities. The way you manage your financial, HR and supply chain data needs to be just as agile. Our solution gives you that agility through multiple integration points for Oracle E-Business Suite ‐ helping you standardized data access policies and a unified approach to your operations.

We also provide near-instant interactive access (recovery points) in a native Oracle format. This means less time required to engage IT resources and more time to speed your reporting and filing processes ‐ maximizing the time available for business managers to analyze and customize your corporate strategies.

Rollout iterations faster for improved planning and analysis

Our Live Sync replication capability helps your teams do more with the clone copies created for dev/test operations. With Commvault, these copies are continuously synchronized in real time with your production environment ‐ with no impact on your production processes ‐ to accelerate and optimize the testing of new application modules or business logic. That means your Oracle systems can be upgraded faster for better forecasting, cost-reduction analyses and other business activities.

Protect your data without sacrificing performance or productivity

With the data in your ERP and CRM systems so critical to your business, you need to apply the highest level of protection to your Oracle applications ‐ without affecting system performance. With our IntelliSnap snapshot technology, there’s no need to run streaming backups that slow down your production environment. Point-in-time snapshots eliminate backup-window pressures while enabling faster recovery of essential data and workloads.

All of your backup, recovery and archive workflows can be automated through our single, easy-to-use interface, removing the need for productivity-sapping manual processes and scripting. And with our self-serve virtual content repository, your end users can search for live, backup and archive data on their own and with exceptional granularity ‐ freeing your IT team to pursue more important business objectives.

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