Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Achieve recovery flexibility

The cloud is driving new options for disaster recovery like never before. It empowers organizations to conserve resources, without the cost and infrastructure required to establish a duplicate data center. It also enables faster response times with the ability to use cloud orchestration and automation tools to execute in-cloud recovery processes, end to end. Finally, it gives organizations more flexibility as disaster recovery operations can be quickly and seamlessly moved to any part of the world, for truly disaster-proof protection.

For these reasons, cloud-based disaster recovery is quickly becoming one of the biggest use cases for the cloud. And at Commvault, we can help you uncover all of the cloud’s disaster recovery advantages.

Commvault was the first vendor in the data management space to offer cloud orchestration and provisioning capabilities designed to streamline the management of cloud infrastructure for key use cases like disaster recovery. We know the faster your organization can get back to business the better, for continuity, for customers, and for employees.

Virtualization drives continuity


Business continuity is about data recovery, but it is also about being able to move servers into the cloud, or even between clouds — using the same platform you are using to move your data. This is a critical piece of a disaster recovery approach. Commvault provides end-to-end VM backup, recovery and cloud management, enabling your IT staff to execute business continuity by running critical applications in the cloud.

Our software gives you VM recovery with live recovery options; backup to, and in, the cloud; custom-fit data protection for every SLA; the broadest hardware snapshot management, and workload portability across physical, virtual and cloud platforms.

Commvault offers a complete cloud management solution across multiple VM and cloud platforms, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace Cloud and VMware. Our integrated approach enables you to automatically provision, protect and decommission your VMs — helping you achieve a more agile, efficient and cost-effective virtual infrastructure.

When faced with the unexpected, you can have confidence that business will continue without interruption. Commvault helps recover applications and virtual machines faster, so business operations remain consistently available.

Management made easy

Any move to the cloud often means that some of your data will continue to remain on site. To minimize complexity and drive greater resource efficiency, you need a data and information management solution that offers deep integration into physical, virtual machine and cloud platforms from a single management console, one that can even migrate between hypervisors. For increased productivity, this solution should also automate virtualization processes.

Commvault not only simplifies management and reduces resource requirements, but also gives you the ability to orchestrate complex end-to-end processes with pre-built and custom workflow automation engines — all in a single solution. The result? You’ll get to the cloud faster, but also be more productive once your workloads are there.

With a modern approach to disaster recovery, Commvault delivers business continuity with the reliability and agility needed to achieve true peace of mind.

From helping you analyze your current Disaster Recovery strategy, to helping you transform your business with processes, plans and implementation, Commvault Consulting Services can help.


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