Geolocation Restrictions and Data Sovereignty

With data increasingly being stored outside of the corporate data center, geolocation is a growing concern for companies. It’s important to ensure that you are abiding by data sovereignty restrictions and properly protecting the data you collect. Information governance helps ensure that this data is adequately protected, used properly and disposed of when no longer needed. As a result, you can benefit from the value the geolocation of data brings while minimizing risk.


Ensure compliance and litigation readiness

As you leverage external data centers, it’s important to understand the unique differences, data privacy laws and requirements between regions and countries. For example, in the United States, the company owns the data and the users access it. In other countries, the users own the data and the company is permitted to access it. These regional differences require carefully maintained policies and management to ensure compliance and litigation readiness.



Judiciously manage your global data

Commvault software and services can help you manage your international organization and realize the business value of your data while ensuring that the proper policies are in place to abide by jurisdictional data governance laws. With granular policies, reporting and audit trail capability, you can judiciously manage your global data, where it’s retained, and the policies it must adhere to so that you can comply with local laws and regulations. This means that you can leverage your global cloud-based data centers while assuring that governance requirements are strictly managed and compliant.

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