Protecting Data Privacy

Intellectual property, sensitive data, personally identifiable information, customer data – these are just a few examples of data that requires protection to ensure its privacy and confidentiality. Failure to do so can have devastating results ranging from regulatory compliance violations to data breaches, brand damage and loss of stakeholder confidence.

Reduce the risk of data breach

Protecting data privacy is a key objective of information governance. Information governance ensures that intellectual property and other sensitive data are managed in accordance with pertinent legal, regulatory and other requirements. In addition, information governance ensures that the proper controls and data management practices are in place to reduce the risk of data breach.


Protect data at the edge

Commvault® safeguards data every step of the way. Data on client computers can be secured with privacy options that prevent users and administrators who are not client owners from seeing protected client data. Further, Commvault software features built-in security and encryption to protect data at the edge, in the cloud and everywhere in between. Commvault protects data, and the privacy of your company’s and customers’ information, with granular and customizable access controls, single sign-on, encryption, alerting and audit trails. It’s all designed to help you establish the proper controls you need to assure information governance and data privacy.

Protect your data across all devices Learn more about Commvault's endpoint data protection solutions.

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