Endpoint Data Protection

Protection for Data at the Edge


Without access to automated business backup, too many end-users either do not backup their devices or back them up to a consumer service. The result is inconsistent or non-existent backup on edge devices.

The consequences are serious. Ponemon Institute conducted a study that averaged a loss of $37,000 for a laptop that had some data protection features. Laptops without backup or encryption came in at a whopping $56,000 loss. That means the average enterprise with 1,500 employees is potentially facing more than half a million in losses if just 10 employees lose or damage their laptop. And the majority of that cost lies in the lost data stored on the laptop’s hard drive and the potential cost of data breaches that can result in misplaced devices getting into the wrong hands.

Commvault protects data value with automatic encryption and backs up mobile data to a centralized ContentStore. Should a laptop be lost or stolen, its work data is already safe in the central data store, and encrypted data keeps it safe from data breaches.

The process is safe and secure for end-users, who access their data in virtual private clouds through a web portal, mobile app or natively in Windows Explorer.

  • Backup won't slow users down -- source-side deduplication, dynamic scheduling, and bandwidth throttling work together to keep remote backup fully transparent to end-users
  • Users can self-search and recover on their own, a big time-saver for them and for IT
  • Missing laptops turn into a momentary task instead of a potential data disaster
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