Self Service And Consumerization of IT

The consumerization of IT has resulted in a workforce that is increasingly comfortable managing its own devices and applications. In many cases it has created a new phenomenon and challenge of shadow IT services occurring in the user community. With-out IT oversight expected service delivery and general corporate governance of data assets suffer. When used in conjunction with an enterprise data management solution, self-service capabilities present an opportunity to offload data management tasks from IT while increasing user satisfaction. IT organizations can improve their own efficiency—and that of their workforce—by helping users to help themselves.


Commvault’s self-service capabilities support a range of user needs – from storage and VM administrators to the end user workforce. Technical users can easily create their own workloads for personalized needs in a simple self-service step. Web-based, customizable self-service management lets end users easily access their own content, while allowing admins to implement policy-centric controls on the size and amount of resources that can be consumed at any point in time. End users can share and restore their own files across any device without creating help desk strain or security concerns for IT. You get the control, security and discovery you need, and users get the self-service access when and how they want it.

It’s a win-win for everybody.

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