Solving Customer Problems: New Data Protection Features In SP15 – Part 2

By Damian Andre

At Commvault, we work with our partners to solve our customer’s hard problems and to unlock the potential within their data. Our latest release: SP15 continues to meet this objective and contains lots of new features. Read part one of the new data protection features in SP15.

Command Center and Commvault Platform

With each Service Pack, Commvault adds more functionality to the gorgeous HTML 5 web interface. One of the most exciting additions to the platform in SP15 is a concept of region-based plans. This means you can automate the configuration of data protection operations by allowing the Commvault software to figure out the best infrastructure to utilize based on location.

  • Command Center Reporting

o Viewing and downloading updates to reports have been streamlined

o You can now import, export, email and schedule reports

o The most frequently utilized reports are automatically listed first

o Organizing has been streamlined with the use of tags

The SLA report receives a “Live Tile,” showing the current SLA at a glance

o Addition of a CommCell down alert: Utilize Commvault cloud to notify when your CommServe is unresponsive for longer than one hour

o Networking changes

o Automatic Tunneling: Allowing the ability to establish firewall tunnels automatically when port restrictions are in place without any configuration

o Addition of Smart Networking Topologies: Automatically configure networking rules based on your backup infrastructure, and dynamically adapt networking rules when infrastructure changes

o Wildcard support for Data Interface pairs and configuration of DIPs on client groups

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to take Command Center for a spin for a beautifully streamlined administration experience.

Office 365, Exchange and Sharepoint

For those looking to protect Office 365 and other Microsoft applications, SP15 delivers several new features:

  • Streamlined configuration of Office 365 in Command Center
  • Exchange delegation: delegate mailbox access to users within Web Console
  • IMAP support for Exchange Mailbox V2
  • OneDrive data protection

o Performance Improvements

o Ability to capture OneNote documents

  • Sharepoint: addition of point in time backup and recovery
  • Active Directory protection added to Command Center

Phew, you made it through. This is just a compressed list of new features that made it into our latest Service Pack. Looking for more? You can read the Service Pack 15 newsletter for a full list of features and functionality included in this release.