Standing In The Shadows Of Data: When Great Backups Improve The Show

By Chris Powell

A few years back, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting The Funk Brothers, an incredible band that was the subject of a great documentary called “Standing in the Shadows of Motown.” They worked with (backed up) Motown legends and, according to the documentary, produced more hits than The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Beach Boys combined.

Great backups harmonize with others, span a range of styles and genres and provide great, seamless support. You can guess where I’m going – data backup that harmonizes with your data and lets your business stay in the spotlight.

March 31 is World Backup Day. In honor of the day, which is kind of the DataPalooza for IT, let’s talk about the unsung (pun intended) performers who make it all work for a superstar. 

A great example is found in the Office of Technology Services (OTS) in the State of Louisiana, which manages all IT systems and services for the Executive Branch of the state.

The problem: Huge volumes of project data from a high-visibility, ongoing initiative began to eat into production resources.

The solution: OTS chose the Commvault HyperScale™ Appliance to get their systems functioning efficiently and backed up.

According to Jake Hottes, IT Support Consultant, State of Louisiana Office of Technology Services, with the Commvault HyperScale Appliance they “have been able to quickly back up a large amount of data … we are backing up physical services, virtual servers, databases and directly from storage arrays leveraging Commvault’s IntelliSnap.”

So, like a group of great backup singers, OTS and Commvault were able to step out of the shadows, harmonize in perfect pitch and improve the overall performance.

Today, why not let backup stand in the spotlight for a change? Make it your priority, back up your data and enjoy performance worthy of a standing ovation.
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