Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Meet Commvault At Microsoft Inspire By Randy De Meno I’m excited to be heading to Microsoft Inspire – being held July 14-18 in Las Vegas – as Commvault adds more focus on partners, migration to Azure and Office 365. Commvault and Microsoft continue to work together to enhance our customer’s data management, protection and compliance […]

By Don Foster Technology skill sets and time gaps will stall digital transformation: Organizations that continue to leverage traditional methods to meet new modern and transformative needs of the changing digital business will run into major obstacles in 2019. Comprehensive IT skill sets that traverse the traditional IT and the new Hybrid IT will become more […]

By Barry Hubbard At this year’s Commvault GO, there will be a lot of discussion about the latest innovations in data protection and management technologies. There will be presentations, panels and breakouts on how enterprises (like mine) can use these technologies to better automate protection of their SaaS data, simplify the migration of data from on-premises […]

By Commvault Commvault GO is less than two weeks away and we’re ready to show our customers, partners and colleagues how Commvault can help them better manage and protect health data across their enterprise through a successful digital transformation. Whether you’re attending Commvault GO 2018 for networking, education or technology inspiration, the healthcare program at the conference provides healthcare IT […]

By Michele Buschman As Commvault GO quickly approaches, I’ve been thinking about what I would like to discuss with other Commvault customers during our panel on Thursday morning of the conference. Specifically, I have been thinking about what insights I could offer on how to “do data management differently,” so that data is a key contributor, and […]

By Mark Penny The student of today is far more demanding from an IT perspective than even just three or four years ago. The University of Leicester’s digital campus initiative is aimed at meeting these demands by allowing students access to the University’s IT infrastructure across the campus, regardless of device or location – it’s […]

By Commvault In the era of business transformation, CIOs have the unenviable job of closing the gap between transformation and readiness to get their company on the path to a digital future. As a colleague of mine wrote in one of his blog posts, “The challenges facing CIOs today can’t be denied. At face value, the […]

By Commvault This is the fifth blog in a six-part series. Catch up on previous blogs. A five-point plan to act on Business requirements coupled with regulatory upheaval, embodied by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are taking IT organizations to a tipping point where they must take a much more proactive approach to understanding and […]

By Commvault This is the third blog as part of a six-part series.  Why ‘business as usual’ is often the biggest obstacle to changing the future “The Innovator’s Dilemma” by Clayton M. Christensen is a classic text that outlines the challenges faced by innovators, and the impact of disruptive technologies on markets. One of the […]

This is the first blog in a six-part series on digital transformation. Part one focuses on why tech-driven economics create a competitive playing field, putting traditional companies in a position where they just can’t win. By Commvault If you are suffering from digital transformation fatigue, you are not alone. Since the term digital transformation has […]

By Commvault During Commvault GO 2017 we announced the international survey, “Measuring IT’s Readiness for Digital Business,” which uncovered an alarming gap between the expectations of management to transform their businesses to a digital business and the readiness of IT organizations to support digital transformation. We had a premise: while we are all talking about ‘digital transformation,’ […]

By Randy De Meno I always look forward to the hectic week known as “Ignite,” formerly called “TechEd.” It’s a week where we can discuss the latest technological trends with some of the brightest technical people in the industry. I expect this year will be no different as Cloud and Azure will be the main […]

By Commvault Today’s modern working world is far different from the one we grew up. Water cooler conversations, typed memos and in-person meeting defined the landscape, far different from today’s reality. Driven by a voracious appetite for information, and a millennial-fueled demand for borderless social work team collaboration, the ‘way we work’ has changed, and […]

By Matt Tyrer Choice! It’s an important part of our everyday lives and a critical element in the digital transformation facing organizations. To that end, there has been an ongoing debate in IT regarding agents vs. agent-less approaches to data protection. This is further blurred by some solutions that temporarily install an agent and then remove it mid-flight […]