By Doug Chando Prevention Through Smart Monitoring And Alerting This is the third blog in a five-part series on risk mitigation and how Commvault can help. In the last post, we were discussing the importance prevention plays in ensuring that you are prepared to handle the evolving threats to your data. Hardening of systems was the […]

By Doug Chando Prevention Is Hard-Ening This is the second blog in a five-part series on risk mitigation and how Commvault can help. In our last blog in the Risk Mitigation series, we talked about how old methods and thinking around disaster recovery are really inadequate, or won’t necessarily prepare you for the new and evolving […]

By Chris Powell Today is “Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day” (yes, it’s a thing). So, instead of asking, “What’s your favorite color?” maybe Buddy should the answer the phone with: “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite data management issue? as passing through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the […]

By Miranda Foster In my previous blog, I highlighted some of the quantifiable benefits that more than 700 of our worldwide customer base reported to Industry Analyst IDC in the report, “Quantifying the Business Value of Commvault Software: Worldwide Customer Survey Analysis.” In the second part, I’m going to focus on our customer’s direct feedback – […]

By Miranda Foster What if you could reduce your unplanned downtime by more than 60 percent, or cut costs associated with backup by almost half? Well, recently we validated what we already know: Commvault customers are doing this. Recently, we commissioned independent research firm IDC to conduct a survey across our entire, worldwide customer base […]

By Kalyani Kallakuri Have you ever thought about trying to implement a foolproof backup and recovery risk mitigation strategy to protect your corporate data and maintain business continuity? Is that even possible? In a nutshell, foolproof means that it’s so easy it’s basically impossible to screw up. With that standard in mind, I’m not sure […]

By Kalyani Kallakuri The well-known adage you are only as good as your last… “backup” is a good start on a data protection strategy but still falls far short of a comprehensive plan. A survey of more than 300 IT professionals conducted by Barkly’s found that nearly all respondents were actively backing up their data. Eighty-one percent were confident […]