Private Cloud Storage

Predictable. Resilient. Simple.

Accelerate digital transformation with Commvault® Distributed Storage

The need for flexibility and scalability is driving more organizations to cloud-based storage. With Commvault’s private cloud and storage modernization solution, your organization can experience the agility and flexibility of the public cloud while ensuring your sensitive data is secure.

Commvault Distributed Storage is a modern, software-defined distributed storage solution that spans locations, workloads, clouds, and tiers. This flexibility makes it easy to access your data quickly, add storage capacity on demand, and increase your availability for mission-critical applications.

Learn how PSU implemented Commvault Distributed Storage as a private cloud and is saving six figures per year.

What are the benefits of the
private cloud storage?

With Commvault private cloud storage, you can automatically and dynamically provision storage assets using industry-standard x86 servers. Commvault provides a unified, multi-protocol storage platform to consolidate SAN, NAS and object infrastructure.

Extend the life of storage assets by 52%

Reduce storage costs by 49%

Automate and simplify storage management by 45%

What are the key features of Commvault private cloud storage?

  • Works with any storage workload or hypervisor
  • Supports file, block and object storage
  • Offers natively built database replication
  • Enables GDPR compliant data management and data sovereignty

Commvault infrastructure as a service

Storage provisioning and management is a significant bottleneck for 58% of enterprise cloud deployments. Using Commvault IaaS, you can consume storage on demand and provision it as you need it.

Our IaaS

Provides web-scale infrastructure using commodity hardware
Simplifies your organization’s infrastructure through a single pane of glass
Requires fewer resources to maintain infrastructure
Reduces storage infrastructure costs by up to 60%