Ransomware Protection and Recovery

Effective ransomware strategies must build upon zero trust principles to protect your workloads, provide early warning alerts of threatening activity, and provide quick and flexible recovery options. Introducing the Zero Loss Strategy.

Ransomware Impact

1 in 3

organizations report having been successfully hit more than once.1 

Every 39 Seconds

There is a new attack.2


is the average cost of a ransomware attack (not including the cost of the ransom).3

Reduce the Impact
of Ransomware

A Zero Loss Strategy helps you better plan, manage, monitor, and reduce the impact of ransomware and cyberattacks. It is built on zero trust principles and implemented through our multilayered security framework for consistent and automated ransomware protection and recovery processes.

Data Visibility

Broadest Workload

Faster Business

Zero Trust Principles

Trust but verify, even those already inside the network perimeter.

Ransomware Protection and Recovery Solutions

Take action before your business suffers a significant impact to avoid costly downtime. Commvault uniquely monitors threats before bad actors impact your environment. With Commvault, protect and monitor active files and backup copies and surface threats before data exfiltration, gaining early warning into ransomware attacks. Reduce downtime if an attack occurs and recover data and resume operations quickly.

The Commvault Command Center

Help achieve your Zero Loss Strategy with Commvault through our single landscape, the Commvault Command Center™. It is a highly customizable web-based user interface for managing your data protection and disaster recovery initiatives.

We evaluated various solutions but Commvault came out on top in terms of its quality and pricing. The seamless integration with NetApp storage system also made it simple to fulfill our business requirements.

Haim Inger
Clal Insurance

We looked at EMC Networker and Veritas NetBackup, but Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery was easier to operate, easier to troubleshoot and it gave us the flexibility to use any disk for back up without tying us to a specific hardware vendor. Commvault was the only solution that gave us all these advantages.

Ali Yazici
IT Service Manager
Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank

Commvault does exactly what it says on the box, giving us confidence that our data is safe and available between regions.

Brad Harvey
Global IT Operations Manager
IMDEX Limited

Readiness Solutions

Get the resources and expertise to quickly accelerate returning to normal business operations through the proper design, implementation, administration, and support of your data protection and management solution.

Helping Organizations Protect Against Ransomware and Manage Risk

Explore independent, third-party analyst research and opinions from well-known firms about the data management market and Commvault’s products and strategy. Our industry-leading support of storage platforms ensures consistent recovery processes and provides the most recovery options for all your data and workloads. We provide the best visibility across your data to quickly identify risk exposure and coverage though a unified, single platform, the Commvault Command Center. Don’t be caught with your data exposed with an inferior product.

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