3 ways better data management leads to better data storage efficiency


On-demand webinar

Duration: 45 min.

More than ever, organizations are turning to the cloud for data storage. The scalability and ease of use for cloud data storage makes it simple to spin up. But the cost of cloud storage can quickly escalate if not handled efficiently.

In addition, on-premises storage can benefit from increased efficiency. Traditional storage with customized architectures and components can also lead to escalating costs and complexity, while often keeping data siloed.

In this webinar, we’ll be looking at how to solve three of the biggest challenges for data efficiency:

  • The proliferation of data fragmentation across different silos, both on-premises and in the cloud
  • The complexity of managing both traditional and modern storage platforms
  • Vendor lock-in that drives forklift upgrades and limits flexibility

How do you reduce the cost of storage? The key to data efficiency is being able to systematically identify what data has value to your organization, how long it will hold that value and when it reaches obsolescence, both from a compliance and operations perspective. Combined with a shift to software-defined storage running on commodity storage hardware, organizations can realize the benefits of storage efficiency and see real savings across IT.


Matthew Tyrer, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, Commvault

Arjan Timmerman, Architect and Advisor, ATvisement