Anomaly Detection: Your eyes for keeping your data safe


Tech Talk

Length: 1 hour


Ransomware is ever-present in the world of IT today. Having layers of defense is critical to keeping your data safe. Modern intelligent data management solutions can help provide early detection of unusual behavior within your data to speed your response to contain and remediate cyberattacks. Keeping your data safe and minimizing business disruption is an essential part of the Commvault solution. Learn how to combat ransomware with anomaly detection:

  • Why anomaly detection is an important aspect of ransomware readiness
  • Understand when the anomaly detection occurs in your data management process
  • Considerations for who is notified of detected anomalies
  • Steps can you take today to implement anomaly detection
  • How Commvault performs anomaly detection

Join us in an anomaly detection discussion with industry experts.

By better seeing your data, you will have a secure ransomware readiness strategy.