Be a Ransomware Recovery Superhero (with Commvault as Your Sidekick)


Tech Talk

Length: 1 hour


Every superhero needs a sidekick. In your fight against ransomware, you want Commvault protecting your back. Just because your organization has not experienced a ransomware attack does not mean it never will. Every villain’s dream is to encrypt your data and hold it for ransomware. While these attacks are increasing at an alarming rate, you can fight back. You can be ready by having an accelerated response to a ransomware attack. With Commvault at your side, you can:

  • Understand the insidious nature of cyberthreats
  • Align technical solutions and your superhero powers to your business requirements
  • Prepare your superhero team for cyber readiness
  • Accelerate your response to an attack
  • Take a cyber-villain’s best shot and rapidly recover after a data loss event

Learn how recovery readiness can keep you from becoming a victim and become the superhero to save your organization. By providing a critical last line of defense against ransomware and customizing a disaster recovery plan, you will ensure your organization is prepared for all kinds of cyberattacks.

Join this important discussion as we shine the spotlight on Commvault’s cyber-ready solution to help you with a proactive ransomware strategy.