Building out stateful applications with Kubernetes


On-Demand Data Daily Webinar Series

Duration: 45 min.

Many organizations struggle with application modernization. Yet, in an age of pandemic-induced lockdowns, modern applications that can easily scale across dynamic architectures are more needed than ever. 

Increasingly, organizations are turning to Kubernetes to build out these modern, resilient and scalable applications. This represents a major shift in IT.

It wasn’t too long ago that the concepts of “stateful” and containers were seemingly mutually exclusive. The technology around containers and storage has rapidly matured. But challenges still abound for organizations looking to modernize.   

While modern applications require stateful storage, often organizations looking to leverage disparate or legacy storage infrastructure are left with gaps in their capabilities. This often requires embracing a manual process to provisioning and maintaining storage, running against many of the benefits organizations are looking to embrace with application modernization.  

Often conversations around Kubernetes focus on developers. But it isn’t simply enough to just count on storage to be there.   

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Why Kubernetes adds complications to traditional enterprise storage
  • What capabilities and data services are needed for modern stateful applications
  • How organizations can embrace automation to make storage resources as scalable as the application it supports