City of Everett: Migrating to Office 365, managing sensitive data


On-demand webinar

Duration: 60 min.


Being prepared for the unexpected is more important than ever. For a business to truly be recovery ready, you have to plan for a number of contingencies, including being able to rapidly recover data in the event of a disaster or a ransomware attack, to name a couple examples.

Most IT departments don’t just have one project on the go – they’ve got a pretty full plate of things to deliver for the business. The City of Everett is no different, and with several high profile initiatives including a migration to Office 365, improving its eDiscovery response processes, and mitigating its data risks, it leveraged Commvault to help bring it to success. Any one of these projects on its own would be a daunting task, but Everett was ready; in this webinar we will cover just how they were able to do this.

In this discussion we sit down with Everett as it shares how it tackled these projects:

  • Redesigning the backup infrastructure to shift off tape to using Microsoft Azure for offsite backup storage
  • Managing an email migration to Office 365 while preserving its users’ experiences interacting with their existing Commvault email and PST archives
  • Modernizing its eDiscovery and search capabilities to better operationalize these processes
  • Proactively secure its data from risks such as data breaches

Join the conversation and learn how Everett, working closely with Commvault, was able to get in front of these challenges and deliver success to its customers.