Cloud usage in healthcare: Preparing for the next wave


On-demand webinar

Duration: 60 min.


New HIMSS research reveals latest cloud trends in healthcare

Once a laggard, the healthcare industry – specifically healthcare providers – are now leveraging cloud computing more than ever. Healthcare providers are looking beyond private cloud deployments to hybrid and public cloud environments. This expanding usage is introducing new questions and challenges for today’s cloud stakeholders as they seek to manage and protect rapidly growing volumes of data.

In this session Janet King, Senior Director of Market Insights for HIMSS Media, will lead a discussion that draws on the latest HIMSS research to explore what the next wave of cloud migration will look like in healthcare. More specifically, as the healthcare cloud footprint grows and organizations move beyond private cloud to public and hybrid models, how are organizations moving, managing and using data effectively across these environments?

Join the conversation to learn more about:

  • What the cloud footprint looks like for healthcare providers. How are workloads distributed across private, public and hybrid models?
  • The common challenges faced by healthcare providers that are moving to the cloud. How are data protection challenges, compliance concerns, backup/recovery concerns impacting cloud decisions?
  • The steps hospitals and health systems are taking to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in the cloud.