Optimizing cloud data management with Commvault integrations for AWS


On-Demand Webinar

Length: 30 min.


In this session we’ll highlight how native integration into Amazon Web Services (AWS), support for modern workloads, and powerful automation combine to make Commvault an ideal modern data management platform.

We’ll demonstrate the following Commvault features that simplify and accelerate cloud data protection, enhance security and reduce monthly cloud costs:

  1. Auto-scaling and automatic power management of infrastructure nodes
  2. Cloud storage optimization features like deduplication and auto-tiering of data
  3. EBS DirectRead (Changed Block Tracking) capabilities to shrink backup windows
  4. STS AssumeRole integration for enhanced IAM point-in-time credentials

We’ll also give a glimpse of the native protection options Commvault provides for container workloads in Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).

Join us to learn how Commvault optimizes your AWS data management, ensures protection of your modern workloads, and enables you to be truly cloud ready. We’ll also hold a Q&A session after the presentation to answer any questions you might have about these AWS demonstrations or our data management platform.


Jason Giza, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, Commvault