Data security that won’t sink like a Brik


On-demand webinar

Length: 45 min.


Making sure that your organization’s data is protected and secured is a critical task for IT professionals everywhere. Given the increase in external threats like ransomware and other malware, as well as internal vectors such as data breaches, leaks and data spillage, that task is not getting easier. Many vendors talk about keeping your data safe and tossing words around like “immutability,” but what does it really mean? How are they protecting your data from harm?

Join us as we explore different data security and protection methodologies, and compare how Commvault really tackles these challenges versus Rubrik’s more limited approach.

The scrutiny on data privacy and how you keep your data secure has never been greater. Make an informed decision when selecting your data protection partner and join our discussion.


Rajiv Kottomtharayil, Chief Product Officer, Commvault

Kevin Zawodzinski, Vice President of Technical Services – Americas, Commvault

Matt Tyrer, Sr. Manager, Solutions Marketing; Commvault