Tech Talk: Essential Techniques To Create An Immutable Platform



Length: 1 hour

In today’s world, the term Immutable is often tossed around interchangeably for various techniques and approaches to provide trusted data copies. Some vendors mark a file system read-only and call it a day. Others claim their proprietary systems can’t be penetrated.

Commvault’s data protection approach creates an architecture that is simple yet comprehensive that others can’t match. Our solution:

  • Creates a layered approach to provide multiple lines of defense for a truly immutable architecture.
  • Includes multiple locking layers within the storage, application, and infrastructure.
  • Leverages a trust but verify approach that allows you to layer in data validation at the application and storage levels to ensure you are ready to recover in your time of need.

Join us to learn how Commvault provides these capabilities NATIVELY, saving time and costs.


  • Kevin Zawodzinski Vice President, Sales Engineering – Americas Commvault
  • Pavan Bedadala Senior Director, Product Management Commvault