How data insights and analytics support global data governance


On-Demand Webinar

Length: 30 min.


With data in the cloud and spread globally, security and compliance are big concerns. Will IT be able to locate and identify critical workloads and data? Can they secure sensitive data? How will the corporate policies be adequately enforced with more and more data outside the datacenter? What about the impact of the expanded remote workforce?

This is where Commvault Data Governance enables you to not only identify sensitive data, but to easily secure it or delete it as needed. Powered by advanced analytics and machine learning, information about files, email, databases, and their contents are centralized in an intelligent index. This provides a consistent view of your data across your organization – regardless of where that data may reside. Through these analytics you can quickly find sensitive data residing in both your live environment and within your Commvault backup or archive copies. While many key data types related to HIPAA, FERPA, PCI, are common, you may have company-specific requirements.

Join us for a short demo showing you how to leverage these actionable insights to enhance your data management capabilities and drive governance initiatives within your organization.

Some things you’ll see include:

  • An overview of the analytics dashboards within Commvault Command Center
  • How to review and define data entities for proactive search
  • How to remediate any sensitive data issues uncovered in the environment.

Be ready to know more about your data, with Commvault data analytics and actionable insights.


Matt Tyrer, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, Commvault