Is your disaster recovery plan complete? What data is missing?


On-Demand Webinar

Length: 30 min.


Disaster recovery and IT resilience are hot topics these days. With the constant threat of ransomware, and the general spread of data across a more diverse mix of on-premises and cloud locations making a solid disaster recovery plan for your data is not an easy task. When examining different solutions, you need to be sure they can meet the needs of your business and can deliver on the recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) required. Not all workloads need to be treated the same, and not all solutions can cover all your applications and data sources. So what are you missing?

Join us as we examine different approaches to disaster recovery, the various needs for modern workloads, and some key features that will help make your disaster recovery plans successful.

We’ll learn how and where automation can assist and discuss options for flexibility to help you tailor your plans to best fit the needs of your different workloads and data types. Of course, it wouldn’t be a webinar without a demo and we won’t disappoint! Tune in for a demo of the latest functionality from Commvault Disaster Recovery that can make your DR plans into reality.

Modern problems, require modern solutions – and with Commvault Disaster Recovery you’ll be ready for anything.


Matthew Tyrer, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager; Head of Competitive Intelligence, Commvault

Rajiv Kottomtharayil, Chief of Products, Commvault

Rahul Pawar, VP, Product Management, Commvault