Managing and protecting data in the 5g reality: Where Edge, IoT, Cloud Converge


On-demand webinar

Length: 45 min.


Where will 5G take data? How can Azure Edge zones help to transform your business by leveraging the potential of 5G? This is your opportunity to learn about this and more as we continue our series, Sound Advice for the Cloud Journey.

Using Azure for Operators as a case study in meeting the needs of the telecommunications industry, we’ll help your knowledge remain ahead of the curve of developing technologies. For telecommunications industry IT professionals, this is an opportunity to hear from experts on Azure for Operators and how Commvault is ready to protect data and endpoints within this new Azure initiative.

In additional to a first-hand look at Azure for Operators, you’ll also gain valuable insight into:

  • The Azure Edge Platform and Azure IoT
  • Commvault Complete Data Protection support for Azure for Operators
  • How Metallic, the enterprise SaaS data protection solution, supports the Telco industry
  • Azure’s leadership in the 5G Open Innovation Lab
  • Microsoft’s viewpoint on 5G and endpoint protection


Fran Dougherty, Principal Program Manager, Ecosystem Development, Azure for Operators, Microsoft

Randy De Meno, VP/Chief Technologist, Microsoft Products & Partnership, Commvault


Bill Byron Concevitch, Strategic Alliances, Commvault