Mastering modern disaster recovery: A guide to being recovery ready


On-demand webinar

Duration: 45 min.

Gone are the days of figuring out disaster recovery on the fly. In the “good old days,” disaster recovery meant planning for the edge cases, those unlikely events. Disaster recovery was something to prepare for, but it wasn’t needed all that often. And then one day, disaster recovery changed in IT.

Ransomware forced a change. Traditional disaster recovery prepared for events that separated organizations from their data – i.e. a natural disaster – often requiring a planned failover to continue operations. Ransomware makes this traditional approach more challenging. The infrastructure is still in place and the data is present – but it’s encrypted.

It’s not enough to simply have a stock disaster recovery plan. Modern disaster recovery must be planned within the larger business continuity plans of an organization. They must be recovery ready. The broader mandate provides new opportunities to directly serve the needs of a business. It also requires new tools and procedures to effectively plan and respond.

In this live webinar, we’ll discuss the new rules for disaster recovery and how organizations can be ready to meet them. We’ll tackle these topics:

  • Defining a disaster in 2020
  • Key steps to prepare for recovery readiness
  • Testing your disaster recovery plan
  • Aligning disaster recovery within business continuity plans

Join us for this conversation between Commvault’s Director of Technical Services Programs, Jeff Harbert, and industry expert David Chapa of The CTE Group. Register now and save your seat.


Jeff Harbert, Director of Technical Services Programs, Commvault

David Chapa, Founder and Senior Analyst, CTE Group