Ransomware recovery best practices – importance of immutable backups


On-Demand Webinar

Length: 30 min.


IT departments are tasked with protecting and managing data, and now must factor in supporting and securing a remote workforce. Sadly, ransomware attacks continue to increase, making comprehensive data protection even more critical.

Join this virtual event to learn best practices to give you the confidence your IT environment and your sensitive data is protected – and can be recovered quickly in the event of a malicious attack.

We will discuss:

  • Understanding the nature, impact and direction of ransomware attacks
  • Five steps to ransomware recovery; planning, prevention, monitoring, fast restores and testing
  • Importance of WORM (write once, read many) and immutable backups

Attend this webinar to learn valuable tips and participate in our live Q&A session.


Daniel Trivett, Sales Engineer, Commvault

David Cunningham, Product Manager, Commvault

Phil Wandrei, Solutions Marketing Manager, Commvault