Ransomware Strikes, Respond And Recover Quickly


On-demand Webinar

Length: 27 min.


You’ve likely seen the stories almost every day, with one major company after another shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their data back from a ransomware attack – or whole industries shut down by a single ransomware type.

In reality, a ransomware threat will likely hit your company, making your ability to respond and recovery an essential part of your ransomware defense. Being recovery ready means you have the confidence and ability to quickly recover any data across your environment, across physical servers, virtual machines, and various cloud platforms.

Attend this webinar and learn how you can quickly respond and recover from a ransomware attack by:

  • Streamlining recovery operations with actionable alerts and workflows
  • Avoiding ransomware file reinfections with a clean and secure backup copy
  • Recovering quickly to minimize lost revenue and business impact

Join Commvault for part five (5) of this five-part series on how you can respond and recover your data as part of a layered security approach against ransomware.


  • David Cunningham, Product Manager, Commvault
  • Phil Wandrei, Solutions Marketing Manager, Commvault

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