Six Steps To Ransomware Recovery In A Commvault Environment


On-Demand Webinar

Length: 30 min.


If ransomware strikes, what is your first action? If you hesitated to answer, then this webinar is for you. 

Until you’ve experienced a ransomware attack, it isn’t easy to understand what an actual recovery entails or how to approach recovery. Preparing for recovery is a challenge. To protect your environment, have you considered:

  • What Commvault features are most important?
  • What features have the most impact in mitigating an attack?
  • What features and processes are critical during the recovery and help expedite the recovery?

Join us to learn how to simplify and demystify the recovery process based on Commvault best practices and first-hand experiences:

  • Understand the potential severity levels of an attack
  • Visualize what it takes to get the Commvault environment back up and running
  • Share the Six Recovery Steps; from contacting support to the point of initiating recoveries

Throughout the webinar, we will highlight Commvault product features and readiness strategies that tie into the recovery steps, how they help mitigate an attack, and expedite the recovery process.


  • David Bonadie- Solutions Architect, Commvault