Two sides of the same coin: A new way to think about data and infrastructure management

On-demand webinar

Duration: 45 min.


For a long time in IT, it’s been conventional wisdom to keep data management discrete from the infrastructure it lives on. This arrangement arguably made sense a few years ago, but the business needs of data have evolved to where this is not just a matter of efficiency. Continuing to silo these operations can’t be justified as business as usual. Indeed, it’s arguably an existential threat to the business.

In this webinar, we’ll make the case why focusing on primary and secondary storage is beside the point for modern businesses, and how they can shift to start thinking about using data to service customer needs. This can only be done with a unified approach to data and storage management, what Commvault CEO Sanjay Mirchandani framed as a “data brain” – two halves of the same identity. 

Today we’ll be providing a conceptual overview of this approach and digging into real world use cases, from large public universities, to service providers, and defense contractors. While all of these organizations have different physical typographies, performance requirements and customers, they all need to understand the state of their data. Managing infrastructure and data together gives all of these organizations full visibility into the most important asset they have.


Don Foster, VP, Storage Solutions, Commvault

Josh Fidel, Principal Solutions Architect, Rolta | Advizex