Who analyzes ­the analysis?­ An independent conversation on backup and recovery research

On-demand webinar

Duration: 45 min.


Backup and recovery analyst reports from leading research firms like Forrester and Gartner are valuable in your investigation of modern data protection products. When you’re replacing backup and recovery software, you want to know you can trust these comparison guides.

Let independent analysts walk you through the big questions:

  • How are these analyst reports created? Learn the technical analysis, customer interviews and market research that goes into creating a backup and recovery comparison.
  • Are enterprises, SMB customers, and IT professionals involved in the research? Understand just how many enterprise IT professionals contribute to the reports. Find out if everyone shares only good feedback.

How much can you trust an analyst report? You’ve always wondered, we’ll discuss what really goes into the research. Discover the validation points, background analysis and non-vendor input that goes into the final analyst report.

Independent experts will dig into each report, review how the market has recently changed, and advise if new product releases and updates have impacted the analysis.

What is the future of the backup and recovery market? Our panel will weigh in – and share more about the competitors in the backup and recovery landscape.


Karen Lopez, Sr. Project Manager and Architect, InfoAdvisors

Chris M Evans, Consultant, Analyst and Blogger, Architecting IT

Stephen Foskett, Organizer in Chief, Tech Field Day and Gestalt IT